Benefit Calculator Application Instructions
How To Use The Benefit Calculator Application

To calculate your cost of the benefits package offered by the district you will need to select the appropriate options for the following factors used in calculating these cost.  You must indicate your choice for each one to determine your total cost.  You cannot leave any of them incomplete.  If you do not wish to enroll in one of the benefit options simply decline the benefit by clicking the DECLINE button displayed in the specific benefit selection section.

The first step is to select your job classification and contracted hours as viewed in the image below.  Once both options are selected a CONTINUE button will appear.  Click this button to continue the process.

Job Contract

After completing the Job Classification / Contract Hours selections the first view below will be displayed.  This is basically the home page of the application.  The Medical Insurance selection process must be completed before you can select any of the other insurance options.  To display your options simply click anywhere within the Medical Insurance section (gray box) which will display the second image shown below.

If you do NOT wish to enroll in a medical plan simply click on the DECLINE button to decline medical insurance coverage and to proceed to the next step in the selection process.  To select medical insurance coverage use the "Coverage Levels" drop down list to select the desired level of coverage.

Selecting a coverage level will display a list of the available medical insurance plans to the right of the "Coverage Levels" control.   To select a medical plan simply click anywhere on the line containing the desired plan.  Once you have selected a plan your selection will be displayed under the "Coverage Levels" control, along with a ACCEPT button.   Refer to the image below.  At this point you have three options; you may decline medical insurance, you may select a different plan, or you may accept your current selection.

The image below demonstrates a view of the home page after the medical insurance section has been completed.  The first thing to notice is that remaining insurance sections have been displayed beneath the medical insurance section.   Next notice that the color of the "Medical Insurance" section has been changed to blue, indicating that the selection of the medical insurance has been completed.  The remaining insurance sections are gray indicating that they have NOT been completed.  Next notice that your selected medical insurance options are displayed in the "Medical Insurance" section, and that the cost of the selected medical plan is displayed at the far right of the Medical Insurance section.  Also notice that your district contribution received from the district as well as your calculated out of pocket cost and any income you might receive from left over funds are displayed at the bottom of the page.  To complete the benefits selection process for the dental and vision insurance options simply repeat the steps taken in the selection of the medical insurance by clicking anywhere inside each of the sections.  You may change your selections at any time by simply repeating the selection process and your new cost will be automatically updated.

The image below represents a completed life insurance view.  In this section of the application you may select life insurance for your spouse and/or children.  You do not have to select coverage for anyone other than the employee if you wish to purchase additional life insurance.  You must complete each option for the individuals you select to purchase life insurance for.  Please note the dollar intervals you may select for each person.  Once you have completed your selections click the CALCULATE COST button to calculate the cost of your selections.  Clicking this button will display the calculations.  You may now change your selections (requires recalculation), decline life insurance completely, or accept your current selections.

Below is a view of the Accidental Death and Dismemberment section.  It works in exactly the same way as the Optional Life Insurance selection process does.

The following image represents the completed Short Term Disability Insurance section.  To select this benefit you must first check the "I wish to enroll in Short Term Disability Insurance" checkbox which will display the remaining controls shown in the image.  Simply enter your gross monthly income in the indicated textbox and click the CALCULATE button.   The cost will be calculated and displayed in the "Your monthly cost" textbox.  You may now change your income (requires recalculation), decline this insurance completely, or accept your current selections.

The image below shows a completed selection process with every option either selected or declined.  The calculated cost for your selections are shown at the bottom of the page.  If you wish to make changes to your selections simply click on the desired sections and change your current selections.  The new cost will be automatically calculated once you have accepted your changes.